Cream? Sugar?

TC in BC says:

A woman tossed two cups of coffee at a man when he confronted her for parking in a handicapped spot outside a Tim Horton’s in Toronto. The YouTube video has gone viral on the net. Most comments say she couldn’t afford tossing the drinks if they were purchased at Starbucks.


Cream? Sugar? — 7 Comments

  1. Gov. Chris Christie came to Atlantic City Wednesday to denounce the mayor as a liar who has “zero idea” what he’s doing. When Christie is hungry, he gets angry–the mayor just needs to give him a Snickers.

    • My wife has threatened to call the police and report me for insignificant exposure and assault with a dead weapon, yeah getting older isn’t at all the pleasure that it was advertised as being.

  2. In London, footage is circulating of a mysterious large shape apparently swimming in the Thames river, leading some to speculate about the Loch Ness Monster. It would of course, be inappropriate to make a Chris Christie on Spring Break joke.

  3. A German casino was evacuated over the weekend because of a bomb scare … Turned out to be a vibrating male sex toy someone had thrown into the men’s room trash can … Experts agreed it was probably a suicide masturbator who had lost his nerve. 

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