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  1. DC police reported an isolated shooting incident at the Capitol. They said there is no active threat to the public–well, except for Congress.

  2. Eminem plans to re-release his 1999 album, The Slim Shady LP, on cassette. Apparently, Eminem has a large number of Cuban fans.

  3. The next big Republican primary is in Wisconsin, the Dairy State. I wonder how long it will be before Donald Trump calls Ted Cruz ‘ wife a cow.

  4. A nurse who snapped photo of patient’s penis surrendered her license. In her defense, she was the head nurse.

  5. FBI finally able to crack terrorist’s iPhone without help from Apple. It was one of those frustrating moments between a father and his nerdy daughter. Guy brought the phone home in his briefcase, little Debbie thought it was Flappy Bird and cracked it in 23 seconds.

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