March Madness makes it to FOX.


Northern Iowa loses to Texas A & M after behing ahead by twelve points with less than one-half minute left. Fox News immediately calls it Obama’s fault and urges immediate congressional investigation.


March Madness makes it to FOX. — 12 Comments

  1. While in Cuba President Obama didn’t smoke one of their famous cigars because he does not smoke. But he did tour the 53 Chevy museum and buy a couple of lug nuts.

  2. According to doctors at North Carolina State University maggots will soon be used to help with recovery after microsurgery. In between their court cases of course.

  3. A report finds that southern states have the highest obesity rate. They are so fat they have to let out their Bible belt.

  4. A teen unexpectantly gave birth to a baby in a toilet. She named him Kayden, but she should have named him John.

  5. Alex Rodriguez will retire from the Yankees at the end of 2017 and, he says, “be a dad.” NBA. Hmm…a ball player that needs to be a dad. Wonder which NBA team he’ll go for?

  6. A preteen girl was arrested for pinching a boy’s butt. That’s ridiculous–the boy should have just turned the other cheek.

  7. According to a watchdog group, some of the chocolate that will go into Easter baskets have unhealthy amounts of heavy metal. Who would have thought that the healthiest item in an Easter basket is the plastic grass?

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