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  1. I have a couple questions about this hydrogen bomb attack by North Korea on Manhattan. My wife is planning a 4-day visit to Boston the same weekend. Do you think she should make alternate travel plans. Like fly through Canada or something like that. Second, do you think any of the debates will be canceled, because some of the candidates have family in Manhattan. Thirdly, do you think the USA will retaliate?
    Thanks, Bill Williams. Grade, adult.

  2. New Real Estate Listing: Now available, a large glow in the dark piece of property formerly known as North Korea. It features internal heating, and with it’s glassy smooth surface it could be perfect for the creation of the largest skate board park in the world. With an estimated radioactive half life of +/- 235,000 years it should suitable for new construction, if not visitation, in far less than the amount of time it took for dinosaurs to vanish from the planet, call now for an appointment.

  3. A Norwegian man rode his snowmobile on water for 131 miles. Sure, he set a world’s record, but it was kinda’ stupid. He started out for a short ride on Lake Titicaca and just couldn’t stop giggling.

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