An Apple pie-chart? Pumpkin? Berry?

WILL the THRILL says:

To show my wife the weight-loss program that I’ve devised for her, I printed out a pie-chart. It was not a very encouraging sign when she grabbed the paper and ate it.


An Apple pie-chart? Pumpkin? Berry? — 5 Comments

  1. “Dating Naked” ended it’s second season early in 2015. It was popular enough, just the budget couldn’t handle it when Ron Jeremy came on as a contestant. All that pixelisation killed ‘em.

  2. Josh Duggar (19 Kids And Counting) is in Sex rehab for touching his sisters inappropriately. The therapy is Hollywood oriented and very harsh. They give him a picture of Melanie Griffith and a ten foot pole.

  3. Runaway bloodhound joined a half marathon and came in seventh place. A quarter way through the race, he could smell the finish line.

  4. Space officials say they’ve discovered a Ninth Planet in our Solar System. Amazing. My wife can’t even remember where she parked her Saturn at the Mall.

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