FOX News disagrees. — 8 Comments

  1. I feel really bad. The only thing I’ve done for MLK Day is wash clothes. And in doing that I separated the whites from the colors.

  2. Research from the University of British Columbia says the more children a women has, the slower she ages. Upon hearing this news, Kathy Griffin showed up at the beach sporting TWO baby bumps.

  3. A man got so drunk that he let his friend tattoo an elephant’s head around his penis. Now he has a trunk on his junk.

  4. n Tennessee, police arrested a teacher after finding three of her students in the trunk of her car. Most people are going “How horrible.” And parents of multiple toddlers are thinking “You can do that?”

  5. A Tennessee woman who with her husband won $528 million on Powerball, took the day off to appear the “Today” show, but told her boss she’d be at work Monday. She did, not, however, mention Tuesday..

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