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  1. Big changes for Oregon since pot became legal. The Lewis and Clarke Trail is now the “Cheech and Chong Roadtrip,” state legislators know they’re supposed to change some laws but keep forgetting which ones, and 7-Eleven’s been awarded a Michelin star.

  2. Woo Hoo, 2016! Another year to showcase my pride in ambitious apathy…”Do these jeans make my butt look too big?” the wife asks. “Not if you’re trying to emulate two demin-covered Atom bombs.” I reply, unwisely.

  3. Researchers at the U of Camridge have concluded that the larger your wine glass, the more you will drink. Their study didn’t include people like me that just drank it straight out of the carafe.

  4. Wendy’s announced they will be using “cage free” eggs by 2020. Big deal, so did Justin Bieber.

    Subway announced they will be using “cage free” eggs by 2025. They must own a lot more chickens than Wendy’s if they need 5 more years to open all their cages.

  5. If you own a Fitbit, they say you may have been hacked. I don’t, but when I walk to the mailbox in the cold I sometimes hack a bit.

  6. Volkswagen says they will introduce an electric version of their old VW Bus from the sixties. For you ex-flower children, they say it can reach Canada on a single charge.

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