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  1. They say the odds of hitting the Power Ball are 262.2 Million to One…hmmmm, they’re still better than my chances of getting lucky tonight with my wife tonight.

  2. My wife was born in June, and will be 66 this year. OMG! This explains everything about her demonic behavior lately. It’s 666!!

  3. Top dog names of 2015 were… 
    Boys: Max, Charlie, Buddy, Cooper.
    Girls: Bella, Lucy, Daisy, Molly.
    And for those who changed halfway through: Bruce, Caitlyn.

  4. Starbucks has a new drink called the Latte Macchiato and it can only be described as, “coffee avant-garde.” It takes an expert barista to do this. A marriage of coffee, milk, and love blended together brilliantly until, like magic … They’ve got your twenty bucks.

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