Gobble Gobble! — 10 Comments

  1. For those of you who are interested, 69-year-old Cher posed completely naked for LOVE Magazine. Come to think of it, Subway’s Jared might be interested, since parts of her are only 10.

  2. If elected, Hillary Clinton promises to spend $275 billion on infrastructure. Or you can go with Chris Christie who promises to spend $275 billion on donuts.

  3. In response to claims that “Google Chrome” notebooks were data mining student users for information on their internet habits, Google changed their motto from “Don’t be evil” to “Don’t get caught being evil”, no word if anyone checked to see if Google executives had their fingers crossed while saying that motto.

  4. A man was kicked off an American Airlines flight from Dallas to LA for being overweight. He made it to his destination the next day though – via UPS overnight delivery.

  5. A Chinese billionaire purchased a $170M painting and put it on his AmEx card. He celebrated by taking his wife to P. F. Chang’s for lunch and his card was declined for being over limit.

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