But it’ll happen the same day.


Amazon has opened a real-life bookstore in Seattle. It has real books, real coffee, and real chairs. Just like a real bookstore. And just like the real Amazon, if you stay past closing time a UPS guy will throw you over the fence.


But it’ll happen the same day. — 3 Comments

  1. Looks like that drunken Taco Bell Executive who attacked the Uber driver, (and netted something like 8-Million views), may need to think outside the boxing.

  2. My wife says she needs a new mattress. I told her that since they’re quite expensive, I’d really like to sleep on it.

  3. Ben Carson is taking heat for not being as angry as he said he was. “I was a big old thug.” “No you weren’t.” “Look at me. I’m a gangster.” “Aren’t you cute.”

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