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  1. Toronto Blue Jays fans pelted the field with objects after a controversial call went against them this week. Signs will be posted for their next game vs Kansas City: Patrons will be ejected if they throw any beer cans, soda pop containers or Maple Leaf jerseys onto the field.

  2. Lamar Odom is out of his coma and talking. Looks like the worst is behind him. The judge finally signed-off his divorce from Khloe.

  3. Boeing has invented what they call, “the world’s lightest material,” and have been secretly testing it in the toughest environment known to man. Kim Kardashian’s yoga pants.

  4. A Trump campaign stop in Richmond, Virginia, erupted when Trump supporters and protesters got into a shoving match. Truth was, no one wanted to fall under the shadow of that thing on his head.

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