Trump / Palin 2016! — 8 Comments

  1. Rupert Murdoch posted a tweet that seemed to question whether Barack Obama is a “real black president.” Well, even if he isn’t, he’s still our first Kenya-born Muslim president.

  2. A video is going viral of the Pirates’ Sean Rodriguez attacking a water cooler during Wednesday’s Wild Card game. Pity Pittsburgh batters didn’t hit Arrieta as hard as Rodriguez hit the cooler.

  3. A rainy June in Illinois wiped out a lot of this year’s U.S. pumpkin crop which may mean a canned pumpkin shortage by Thanksgiving. Stand by for Starbucks’ new “Zucchini Spice Latte.”

  4. After admitting the Benghazi hearings are nothing but a political hatchet job, Kevin McCarthy is forced to give up Speaker run. Apparently, The Truth- one thing the GOP simply can’t abide.

  5. The co-pilot of a United Airlines jet flying from Houston to San Francisco lost consciousness mid flight. He didn’t exactly pass out. The technical aviation term I believe is, “in his cups.”

  6. The Beret is the fashion accessory of the season. Everyone who’s anyone is wearing one. Except Donald Trump. He’s wearing his usual rutabaga.

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