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TC in BC says:

Video of that New York “Pizza Rat” dragging a slice down subway stairs has gone viral on the internet. Pizza Hut says it will deliver to any subway station in the New York area within 30 minutes or it’s free, that is, if any denizens residing there give a fat rat’s ass.


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  1. An American Airlines flight from Phoenix to Boston had to land in Syracuse because the pilot died. The co-pilot landed the plane and no one was hurt. But boy was American angry. The poor guy had less than 10 years seniority so they couldn’t charge their usual, “Sympathy For The Dearly Departed” fee.

  2. Disneyland has hiked the price of an annual pass to over $1,000. Yet, they still can’t afford to buy pants for Donald Duck.

  3. A Florida Senate candidate once sacrificed a goat and drank its blood in a pagan ritual. Oh great, another nannygate scandal.

  4. When is a plus a negative? When it’s a mouthy Plus Size model saying skinny models just aren’t sexy any more. Um, thanks for the update…

  5. Burger King’s Black Whopper is turning people’s poop green. It’s part of Burger King’s new environmental campaign to encourage customers to “go green.”

  6. Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill making it legal for “beer bikes” to operate on city streets in California. Actually it’s a very drought friendly idea. Because afterwards, if you drink enough beer, you can water your lawn.

  7. Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump doesn’t think the Washington Redskins should change their name. Says, “I know Indians that are extremely proud of that name.” Just remember, to Trump an Indian is the guy at the other end of his Tivo help line.

  8. When it comes to chocolate, it’s no surprise that my wife prefers the dark side. “I find your lack of taste disturbing, husband.”

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