Impossible. — 5 Comments

  1. Family of Paul Walker, actor in “Fast & Furious,” killed in a street racing accident is suing Porsche claiming they didn’t make the car safe enough. Could be true. Instead of putting a block of wood under the throttle, they let one get behind the wheel.

  2. An Indiana teen asked his great-grandma to be his junior prom date. Sweet, but I think the real thing here is he just confused “maybe” with “Depends.”

  3. Donald Trump says if he falls behind in the polls he’ll quit the presidential race and go back to being a business man. Go back to being Scrooge McTrump.

  4. Some Cubs fans have started a GoFundMe account to send Steve Bartman to the NL Wild Card game in Pittsburgh. The Pirates will no doubt make sure he has seats in the front row.

  5. Now it looks like Hurrican Joaquin will miss the U.S. In New Jersey, residents who panicked and stocked up on a week’s word of extra food have been advised they can just drop it off at the Governor’s office.

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