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  1. I’m geeked that my Facebook posts will soon garner a lot more attention from viewers. Zuckerman says he’s working on a “Dislike” button that should really do the trick.

  2. United Airlines fired their CEO Jeff Smisek last week. He is accused of bribing Chris Christie’s government with special flights, special Christie sized seats in first class, and even 737 shaped donuts. None of this embarrasses UAL. What does embarrasses them is Smisek was caught using Ashley Madison to secretly date Jersey Shore star Snooki.

  3. Norman Farberow, father of modern suicide prevention, died last week at the age of 97. Mr. Farberow did not die of suicide. However, he was very pissed off at Donald Trump.

  4. An historian at Keele University, England, traced the first use of the “F” word in print to an article in a local journal from 1310. It’s unclear, if it was the story of a drunken pub brawl, or Keith Richards’ first rant against the Beetles.

  5. A 14-year-old Muslim boy was arrested in Texas when his teacher thought the clock he invented was a bomb. But the upside is that he’s been invited to meet with President Obama at the White House. The invitation said “Come see us….but leave the clock at home.”

  6. GOP debate question: “If you’re elected President, how would the world look different after you lead office?” Waiting for the honest answer from someone: “Well, Hell would host an awesome Winter Olympics.”

  7. The NFL has granted permission for New England clubhouse attendants John Jastremski and Jim McNally, who were suspended over Deflategate, to return, and the Patriots will reinstate them.
    So yeah, guess those footballs were so in awe of Brady’s brilliance that they just deflated themselves.

  8. In a few cities, 7-11 is offering delivery service of a “Date Night Pack”, which includes ice cream, candy, Red Bull and condoms. Thinking if your idea of a Date Night is 7-11, you’re not likely to need the pack.

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