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  1. A Michigan resident has been diagnosed with the bubonic plague. He couldn’t be reached for comment as he is holed up in his moat-protected castle.

  2. Last month American Airlines got in trouble with the FAA for flying a non-overwater equipped plane to Hawaii. You ask the difference between a non-overwater equipped plane and an overwater equipped plane? On the non-overwater plane the pilot must have his scotch neat.

  3. Sunday night Miss Georgia was crowned Miss America 2016. And presidential hopeful Donald Trump was there to make sure her talent wasn’t the Mexican Hat dance.

  4. Johnny Depp’s new movie, ‘Black Mass’, is the true story of a primate who metamorphoses into a bird. A don hires Whitey Bulger, a big gorilla, as his enforcer. Bulger then becomes an informer for the FBI. Yes, the ape becomes a stool pigeon.

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