2 No Trump! — 10 Comments

  1. A man who tried to sell a backpack full of dirty socks as marijuana has been sentenced to one year in a Michigan prison. Normally this would have drawn a suspended sentence, but they had to do something because a celebrity was involved. What good is a backpack full of dirty socks to Willie Nelson.

  2. An electrical storm set off by solar flares from the Sun could kill all communications on Earth. Verizon has already signed up an alternative power source. Donald Trump’s rhetoric.

  3. NFL Commish Roger GOD-dell was a no show at the NFL’s opening game tonight. This of course would parallel Donald Trump not showing up at a Cinco de Mayo celebration with Carly Fiorina as his date.

  4. California Assembly passed a right-to-die bill. And I don’t care what anybody says … They were not inspired by the Giants.

  5. On Fox buying National Geographic. Suppose there’s no hope we’ll see a fold-out of Megyn Kelly in African red mud and neck rings.

  6. Scientists released a video of a tornado on the sun. They say it was several times the size of Earth and had a temperature of five million degrees. Obviously, it was caused by solar warming.

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