How about a flat moron tax? — 11 Comments

  1. Photos of mysterious objects on Mars have some people believing there is a alien life on the Red Planet. The photos are so convincing that today Donald Trump proposed building a wall between Mars and Earth.

  2. Scott Walker is open to building a wall along the Canadian border. Yes, we have to keep those Canadian illegals from taking American hockey jobs.

  3. Kanye West, who revealed he smoked something before the VMA’s, said he plans to run for president in 2020. Anyone who votes for him also must be smoking something.

  4. A truck hauling a load of cabbage overturned Monday morning on a stretch of highway in Rochester, New York. Traffic slowed to a slaw.

  5. I heard Burger King plans to offer it’s own take on Cole Slaw. Called, wait for it, King Cole Slaw. No word on any bird pies as yet.

  6. New Apple iPhone 6s will have facial recognition. Siri says: “Sir, you have a call from a butt head.” No, that’s my wife. Phone’s in her back pocket.

  7. Charlie Sheen wants to be Donald Trump’s running mate. But think long and hard before voting for them, then remember … Charlie would be just a hair-transplant away from the Presidency.

  8. California is writing legislation to keep kids from smoking electronic cigarettes. Only one sure way to do that. Fit ‘em up with Windows 10 tobacco.

  9. Sarah Palin interviewed Donald Trump on America News Network, and in the end Trump told her she was a terrific person. Accolades to a woman from The Donald? Must have been a good period for Sarah.

  10. A lemonade stand operated by Jerry Seinfeld’s kids in the Hamptons was shut down as being unlawful. Jerry blamed a guy named “The Lemonade Nazi” immediately.

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