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  1. Donald Trump is attacking Megyn Kelly AGAIN on Twitter, saying she is “really off her game” after her vacation, and he liked “The Kelly File much better without @megynkelly. Perhaps she could take another eleven day unscheduled vacation! ”

    Are we sure the Donald hasn’t confused Kelly with one of his ex-wives?

  2. A lady I work with likes to fish, and tells outrageous stories about her huge catches. After another one of her fishy lies, I thought to myself: “Carpe Diem!”

  3. George Zimmerman called Barack Obama an “ignorant baboon.” Looks like Donald Trump has found himself a running mate.

  4. The Buffalo Bills still haven’t decided on a starting QB between Matt Cassel, EJ Manuel or Tyrod Taylor. This is probably why Rex Ryan signed that IK Enemkpali guy.

  5. Danica Patrick says she’ll never drive in F1, the international racing series because they are not fair to girls. Wrong! They are single-seater cars, so there’s no have room for back seat drivers.

  6. Trump kicked the head reporter for Mexican channel Univision out of his press conference in Iowa. Told him to go back to Univision. What does the Donald care. He gets his lawn mowed at Vidal Sassoon.

  7. To celebrate the upcoming Sonoma Grand Prix the Indy cars drove across the Golden Gate Bridge. It was a very festive event and everybody really got into it. Even the homeless guy with the sign, “Will change your slicks for food.”

  8. Oklahoma day care being probed for drugging kids to get them to sleep. They could have just shown the kids Adam Sandler’s ‘Pixel.’

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