3 strikeouts! — 10 Comments

  1. Thousands of people paraded shirt-free around the world Sunday to push for laws that would allow women to go topless in public. Hells yeah, I say. Isn’t male/female equality to bear your chest just tit for tat?

  2. World stock markets crash after China accused of lying about their GNP. Hey, who knew that in Chinese GNP means Gross National Pollution.

  3. Scientists from MIT and Harvard discovered a human gene that in some people cause them to retain fat instead of burning it. So it seems the muffin tops over your jeans were caused by bad genes, not bad people in tight jeans eating too many muffin tops.

  4. Looks like VP Joe Biden will throw his hat into the ring for 2016. But only if he can reach out and touch the voters. Especially the girls.

  5. Tokyo restaurant, Curry Shop Shimizu, features “poo-flavored curry.” There is no real poo in it of course. They just made a roux using flour, sake’, and one of Donald Trump’s old hairpieces.

  6. A couple of wolves chased a deer right into downtown Banff and killed it to the horror of tourists. In related news, two cougars picked up a hockey player the same night at one of the night clubs.

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