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JERRY W says:

I have proof that no time machine will be invented in my lifetime. If one ever is created in the future, I would take it back to the day before I met my wife and push myself in front of a bus. I’m sure that I’d be out of the hospital by now and probably not even be using crutches anymore.


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  1. A Nashville hotel has canceled reservations for a white supremacist organization. The hotel was concerned guests would wear the bed linen.

  2. Tim Tebow reportedly broke up a fight between the Eagles and Ravens. Looks like John Kerry has some competition for the Nobel Peace Prize.

  3. Danica Patrick has a new sponsor, “Nature’s Bakery,” the snack food maker. They don’t expect her to win. Just be faster than the shelf life of a Twinkie.

  4. FDA approves a Viagra-type sex pill for women. Users will need a note from the doctor. Any doctor will do. As long as it’s not Dr. Huxtable.

  5.  A panel of judges in Pennsylvania ruled a city employee was worked to death and awarded his widow death benefits. Sad, but this part was interesting: You know how to tell if a city employee is dead? Stops telling everyone else what to do.

  6. My teen-age daughter says she believes in Demons. No surprise here, since this summer she’s been doing some babysitting.

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