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  1. Jets’ quarterback Geno Smith suffered a broken jaw when he was punched by a teammate, linebacker Ikemefuna Enemkpali. Apparently, Enemkpali became frustrated when he couldn’t pronounce “Smith.”

  2. Jets’ QB Gino Smith out 6-10 weeks after locker room argument and punch from IK Enemkpali that broke his jaw. The Jets immediately released IK. Goodell suspended him for 2 games out of habit and Brett Favre is now trying to contact The Jets.

  3. 52% of Mississippi Republicans still think Obama is Muslim, and that doesn’t include the many others who believe he’s muslin, which is a loosely woven cotton fabric.

  4. Take my advice and don’t visit Paris this summer, because the Louvre is swarming with rats. Ever since they announced Mona Lisa has a transvaginal mesh implant they haven’t been able to keep the lawyers away.

  5. Former President George W. Bush, like every good citizen does turned up for jury duty, but he failed the test. When asked if he was willing to be on a jury of the defendant’s peers, he asked: “What’s a boat dock got to do with it?” 

  6. A CBC female reporter has filed a complaint to the police after she was kissed by a stranger who then ran away during a live report from the Squamish BC Music Festival.

    What was Joe Namath doing in Squamish BC?

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