Ooooh, a Char-broil!


A man in Kentucky was arrested on a firearms charge for shooting down a drone that was flying over his property. He said he thought it was taking pictures of his teenage daughter who was sunbathing in the backyard. But being a machine, the drone actually was taking pictures of the guy’s topless gas grill.


Ooooh, a Char-broil! — 23 Comments

  1. Kermit and Miss Piggy have separated … and it’s because of those nude centerfolds she did. He just can’t stomach that the whole world saw her teats.

  2. A new hoodie design incorporates tubular drawstrings designed to be attached to a hookah, presumably to permit surreptitious smoking of whatever. I think this new product idea sucks!

  3. NASA’s Curiosity rover appears to have taken a picture of a lady on Mars. Wow, women will do anything to get away from Donald Trump.

  4. Cher recently reflected on appearing for 50 years on Billboard charts–and 40 years on plastic surgeons’ charts.

  5. Tom Cruise and his latest Mission Impossible movie are on the talk show circuit. Some say it’s not as good as the others. Seems it comes up a little short.

  6. Donald Trump looked pretty bad on FOX last week. He looked like he’d been whupped with Megyn Kelly’s selfie stick.

  7. “Fantastic Four” failed at the box office last weekend. It did so bad fantastic four is what theater owners are calling the audience.

  8. Russia is so large that it has a surface area comparable to Pluto. I wonder if they have any Planet Fitness gyms?

  9. Hillary Clinton has proposed a $350 billion college affordability plan. I bet it doesn’t include paid internships.

  10. ‘Little House on the Prairie’ star Melissa Gilbert is running for Congress. She supports help for veterans–of the Civil War.

  11. William Shakespeare, perhaps Western literature’s most renowned contributor, might have enjoyed an occasional hit of cannabis, according to a study published in July. “To be or not doobie.”

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