Or how about Con-on-the-Cob? — 9 Comments

  1. Locally, the City is after a resident to get rid of two pet goats named Freddie and George. The Simm family are in defiance of a bylaw prohibiting keeping farm animals in a residential area. As far as anyone knows, these are the only pair of goats in the Northwest not named Pete and Carroll.

  2. The perfect comeback question Megyn Kelly could have asked Donald Trump on the Fox Cavalcade of Idiots debate would have been this one:
    Donald, if a beautiful young woman had married some bloated old fart of a billionaire, would you have had the nerve to call her a gold digger, a slut, or even just a high maintenance whore to her face?
    Donald? We’re waiting for your answer, we have Melania on the phone, she’s waiting too.

  3. Flynn’s, a restaurant in Australia has banned kids under seven from eating there. Wouldn’t work here though. If you refused to serve anyone who acted like a baby, no politician or Tom Cruise would ever eat.

  4. Swedish Customs arrested Snoop Dogg when they found pot in his luggage. Next time he’ll think twice before wearing that, “Willie Nelson + Doritos = Nirvana” T-shirt.

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