Go, Joe! — 11 Comments

  1. How are things different than 20 years ago? If you told someone you had “Blue Tooth,” it would be something you whispered to a dentist…

  2. The question is: Did Trump intimidate the other Republican debaters? The answer is: Hair Club for Men sold out of those weird orange wigs faster than Kim Kardashian says yes to a nude photo shoot.

  3. In Baltimore, an employee at a Checkers fast food burger joint was filmed dropping a hamburger bun on the kitchen floor then wiping the ground with it and placing it back on the production line. Swiffer Mops are now looking at using burger buns to replace their current sponge mop pads.

  4. Tom Brady in a leaked email to a friend named “Beav” stated that Peyton Manning only had 2 years left while he would be good for another 7 or 8. Wonder if Peyton will change his ‘Omaha Omaha’ call to ‘Beaver Beaver’ when they play next.

  5. The US Coast Guard caught a semi-submersible vessel and seized six tons of cocaine off the coast of Mexico. Although they admittedly lost two more tons of the coke while trying to tow the sub ashore. Sounds like it’s going to be a high tide.

  6. One of the ‘Fantastic 4’ characters possesses the power of invisibility. What’s so special about that?–it’s something shared by at least a half dozen Presidential candidates.

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