15 minutes can save you 15%. — 5 Comments

  1. Keith Richards slams Beatle’s “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” claiming it’s a  mishmash of rubbish. But you gotta go easy on old Keith. He thinks Sgt. Pepper is the cop who busted him for his first grand theft horse and buggy.

  2. Brazil’s “Rear of the Year” contest has begun. Brazilians only, so Kim Kardashian is not eligible. Neither is her big ass, Kanye.

  3. To save money, I buy unprofessional-grade shampoo. No one can tell I have amateur hair, and I know no one cares.

  4. Two men were arrested at an Iowa Taco Bell and charged with allegedly manufacturing methamphetamine in the restaurant. Stand by for the AMC sequel “Breaking Wind.”

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