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  1. NBC’s upcoming musical ‘The Wiz’ has been delayed because that jackass dentist killed the Cowardly Lion. #Cecilthelion

  2. Chris Christie has announced that as president he will work to keep Marijuana illegal. Insiders say this is to prevent confusion, when people mention dope you can be sure they will be talking about him.

  3. Buffalo still has a 12-foot tall pile of snow left from last winter. The air in Buffalo just isn’t warm enough to melt it. They need to host a Republican debate soon.

  4. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has upheld Tom Brady’s suspension for Deflategate. That really took the air out of the Pats’ plans for this season.

  5. Pittsburgh Penguins star Sidney Crosby was spotted yesterday serving coffee at a Tim Hortons restaurant. How does he sleep at night taking away much needed part time work from current CFL players?

  6. A Wyoming man was pulled over for erratic driving. Cops found 30 cow eyeballs stuffed up his butt. Said he wasn’t homosexual or anything. He was just trying out a do-it-yourself colonoscopy.

  7. Will Patriots drop Tom Brady for destroying a cellphone over “Deflategate?” Will Hillary Clinton hire the disgraced quarterback as her new communications guru? Or will Donald Trump call him a “dumb guy” and garner some more votes?

  8. A Teenage girl quit her job at JC Penney’s because they wouldn’t let her wear shorts on the job … “I am woman, hear me roar!” Well, Tweet actually.

  9. You may have heard the controversy over Harper Lee’s “lost” novel, “Got Set a Watchman.” Now it seems an unknown book by Dr. Suez has turned up as well. Unfortunately this one paints Horton all too plainly as a racist…

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