A lot in common? — 10 Comments

  1. An online story about “The 10 Safest Vehicles for Transporting Dogs” made me realize something. I should probably be interested, because every woman I date is a certified dog.

  2. Kissing has overtaken smoking as leading risk factor for head and neck cancers–except in WashIngton where kissing has become the leading risk factor for developing buttocks cancer.

  3. WILL: My wife is like a five-letter animal in bed.
    JILL: Lucky you. Tiger? Bunny?
    WILL: Not so much. She’s a S-L-O-T-H!

  4. …In my younger days, as a lawyer before the Michigan Bar, I was a pretty poor dresser. Many was the court date I plaid guilty.

  5. Ivana Trump claimed in her 1992 divorce from Donald Trump that he raped her. Of course she didn’t mean rape, like Cosby rape. Trump made HER buy the quaaludes.

  6. Arizona Cardinals have hired the first female coach in NFL history. She pledges she’ll coach like a man. Except when they play the Giants who have a really cute uniform.

  7. Boy Scouts of America end ban on gay leaders. This won’t affect many, but if your son recites the Boy Scout pledge as: Duty to God and country, Duty to other people, and Duty to my hairdresser. Watch out!

  8. Donald Trump is now saying he’d “love” to have Sarah Palin have some sort of position in his administration. That’s bold. Trump isn’t afraid Palin would take a shot at that furry thing that lives on his head?”

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