They’d love a Jell-O pudding pop right about now. — 11 Comments

  1. Donald Trump has barred an Iowa paper from attending his campaign event. Furthermore, Trump plans to use the newspaper as litter for the critter that resides on his head.

  2. Some walls in San Francisco are so covered with urine that the city is using a pee-repellant paint on them to reduce the stench. The Republican Party is looking for something similar to counteract the odor of Donald Trump’s campaign.

  3. Donald Trump leads the Republican polls. Course the numbers may be skewed. The poll was taken in the parking lot at Hair Club For Men.

  4. One day while searching for old stuff, the University of Portsmouth in England discovered a four-legged snake fossil estimated to be 110 million years old. Experts say it’s a good thing they died out. Society couldn’t have handled four-legged lawyers.

  5. Big movement gaining momentum. Texas wants to secede from the union. Great news for U.S. We can get a good price for that land from China.

  6. Snoop Dogg said he won’t return to Sweden after his arrest on suspicion of drug use. Apparently, he visited IKEA and inquired about a ready-to-assemble bong.

  7. Trump decides the only way to public office is have an affair with an underling. So last night he was seen at Club 21 with his hair on his arm.

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