She should dump her carrier, I guess. — 11 Comments

  1. “Ringly,” a new device that fits on a finger and vibrates when your cellphone rings … Vibrating finger; a girl’s best friend. Could add a whole new meaning to the term, selfie.

  2. Hulk Hogan was dumped from the World Wrestling Entertainment hall of fame and website because of a racial slur. They say he used the “F” word. *Fake.

  3. Jack Del Rio says Raiders can win AFC West Division this season. In related news, the NFL expands mandatory drug testing to include coaches.

  4. The nation’s first chemical-free pool has opened to the public. Well, chemical-free until Snoop Dogg pees in it.

  5. Alex Rodriguez hit three homers in a game–the oldest player to do so. Just like A-Rod to inject himself into the history books.

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