And what a face it is! — 20 Comments

  1. Talk about a roller-coaster ride! A man was struck by lightning, then won the lottery…then got married!

  2. A Texas couple driving to the hospital had to deliver in the car because baby wouldn’t wait. Ironically, the baby was conceived in the very same car with them yelling the very same words at each other. “For God’s sake hurry up!” ”I’m going as fast as I can!”

  3. Went to visit Radio Shack, found it’s been replaced by a transgender gadget store. They sell things like a combination hairdryer/drill motor, and lipstick that stops rust on patio furniture. But the best multitasker of all is a leather tool pouch that doubles as a thong for the Pride Parade.

  4. In Idaho, a cyclist stopped to defecate in a ravine and decided it would be a good idea to light his toilet paper on fire afterwards rather than littering with it. And he accidentally started a 73 acre wildfire. Talk about a dumb sh*t.

  5. ESPN cut ties with Colin Cowherd over remarks about Dominican players. Good news is he was hired to be Donald Trump’s campaign manager.

  6. Senator Lindsay Graham posted a video on YouTube of him destroying his cell phone with a bat, chainsaw and golf club after Trump gave out his number. Hope he wasn’t driving at the time.

  7. 23 year old Californian Andrew Hawryluk ate at Chipotle Grill daily for 153 consecutive days. Remember how Jared got rich by teaming with Subway? Andrew has reached out to Charmin, Scott and Cottonelle.

  8. A mystery pooper is targeting holes of a Norwegian golf course. The groundskeeper says he has a few favorites–notably #2.

  9. Numerous times I’ve seen the ghost of Peter Sellers dressed like a detective. I’m haunted by Specter Clouseau.

  10. Barack Obama on Friday became the first U.S. commander-in-chief to make an official visit to Nairobi. Kenya believe it?

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