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  1. President Obama was on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last night. Said Trump is definitely not qualified to be president. Seems when the founding fathers set a minimum of 35 to be president, they meant IQ.

  2. My beautiful 20-something daughter has cell-phone coverage in 3 countries, but conversely, almost no coverage at the beach.

  3. Disney theme park opens in China next year. It’s the same as all the other parks except; Snow White has an extra dwarf. A little kid who makes iPhones named “Exploited.”

  4. With a new panoramic lens, iPhone 7 is set to become the ultimate Selfie machine. Even comes with a Brangelina app. It puts their fabulous heads on our dullsville bodies.

  5. So some rumors about country stars Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert’s divorce say he cheated, some say she cheated. We can settle this real quickly if one of them turns out to have an Ashley Madison account.

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