But can you pronounce artisanal? — 12 Comments

  1. Pope Francis is on another flying tour, and it kind of represents the Vatican’s current problems. His jet has propellers.

  2. An alligator was found in a New Jersey river. Apparently, Chris Christie feels bridge closings are no longer adequate punishment for his political foes.

  3. Some outraged parents claim McDonald’s new Minion Happy Meal toys are spouting out “What the F—” and “I’ll be damned.” Pretty “saucey” language for a cartoon character!

  4. Tom Selleck has been accused of stealing truckloads of water from a public hydrant for his California ranch in this drought ridden state. So this fall look for new TV series CSI Magnum PI to join PSI Foxboro, CSI I Spy and a 30/30 special on the NFL – No Fingers League.

  5. Subway Restaurants have announced that they have suspended ties with their spokesman Jared after FBI agents raided his home. Subway said they found evidence of Wendy’s wrappers, KFC buckets and Happy Meal boxes.

  6. An alcohol induced 22 year old man died from injuries when he set off a firework from the top of his head. His friends testified that he used his head only after they convinced him not to stick it up his butt.

  7. The strange thing about Donald Trump’s views on immigration: if he has his way, he won’t have any waiters or housekeepers for his hotels.

  8. So Bill Cosby gave quaaludes to knock women out so he could have sex women. Bill Clinton used to just give a speech.

  9. The NCAA has to increase the stipend it pays college athletes so that Florida State football players will have enough money to buy food while they’re out on bail.

  10. An alligator was found in a New Jersey river. Unfortunately, it’s going to take more than one to make a belt for Chris Christie.

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