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  1. Ran across this in the 25th Hour…What should a man never say when he visits a Victoria’s Secret store? “Do these come in children’s sizes?”

  2. We’re getting a leap second today because the Earth is taking an extra .002 seconds to rotate. Use it wisely. “Dang! Missed it!”

    • You could use that second to list all the good points about the republican presidential candidates, but then you’d have all that left over time to fill in.

  3. Alex Trebek rapped some of the lyrics to the ‘ Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ theme song when a question about it came up on “Jeopardy!” Monday night. No contestant came up with the correct response: “What the hell?”

  4. China’s Great Wall is quickly disappearing, a report says. The damage is so bad it will be renamed the Mediocre Wall.

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