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  1. Yikes. Macy’s is selling a bridal lace thong set embroidered on the rear in “I Do.” 32 years later my wife could add an “n apostrophe t” to her panties butt.

  2. Tom Cruise to star in sequel to ‘Top Gun.’ This time he shakes his fist at the Russians and yells, “Get off my airspace.”

  3. Tom Cruise set to star in sequel to ‘Top Gun.’ His fighter jet will be equipped with a booster rocket and a booster seat.

  4. Paris Hilton was pranked into thinking her plane was going to crash. It was the only time she didn’t look forward to going down.

  5. New guidelines from an international panel of experts suggest that athletes only drink when they are thirsty. The same experts also say to eat when hungry and sleep when tired.

  6. Those two NY prison escapees were planning to flee to Mexico after breaking out. Authorities have now banned showing the movie “Shawshank Redemption” at all jails across the country effective immediately.

  7. Tiger’s swing coach says that he will make it to the weekend rounds at The Open Championship at St Andrews next month. As a matter of fact, he guaranteed it by buying Eldrick a “Weekend Pass” today.

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