Hope hicks? Yes it does. — 8 Comments

  1. A swarm of honey bees were removed from the Senate entrance Friday. Now if they could just get rid of all the drones inside.

  2. A naked man entered a Kentucky Wal-Mart and poured milk all over himself. Hey, perhaps he’s a cereal nudist.

  3. Somebody hired a plane that sported a banner “CHEATER” to follow Tiger’s group at the US Open. A fan thought he saw two blond women flying the aircraft.

    Yesterday, a fire from nearby Tacoma sent smoke billowing over Chambers Bay. A Native American Chief deciphered it, stating that it spelled “CHEATER”.

  4. “Close but no Darwin award” nominee for the month. And Orlando man is recovering from “non-life threatening” injuries after accidentally shooting himself…..during a gun safety class.

  5. A German man has posted a video after a breakup showing him sawing all their communal property in half with a power saw, including a teddy bear and a pickup truck. Wonder how many calls he’s gotten to option his story for a country song?

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