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  1. Some monkeys have been observed using wooden branches to extract termites from a mound. Humans have lately been seen using their “smart” phones attached to selfie stick.

  2. Wal-Mart says they lose about $3 billion dollars a year to stealing. At least they’re honest about it. Most places call that “CEO compensation.”

  3. Scientists at Columbia University have developed the world’s smallest lightbulb. Just one atom thick. The only thing smaller is Trump’s chance to be president.

    • They could use the worlds smallest light bulb to read the world’s shortest list under their blankets in bed. That shortest list? A list of politicians or their children who have served in the military. Not so fast there “W”, AWOLs and cheerleaders don’t count.

  4. Sunday is the beginning of Summer, and the longest day of the year. Ironically my Mother-in-Law is also visiting…Happy Father’s Day comics!

  5. Researchers blame electricity for many sleep problems. Which explains why people sleep like a baby in Kentucky.

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