More like reckless living.


Lindsay Lohan, who still has more than half of her 250 mandated community service hours to go from a 2013 reckless driving conviction, apparently missed her first day Tuesday at a Brooklyn preschool. This could really put her in jeopardy with Hollywood’s “37 strikes and you’re out” policy.


More like reckless living. — 13 Comments

  1. Paul McCartney and Dave Grohl performed the 1963 Beatles song ‘I Saw Her Standing There’ in London. Although at McCartney’s age, he couldn’t really see if she was standing or sitting.

  2. Study found that drinking caffeine may reduce odds of erectile dysfunction. Folgers plans to change their slogan to “the best way to get it up is Folgers in your cup.”

  3. This is graduation time and many celebrities are giving commencement speeches. Kim Kardshian spoke at M.I.T. Massachusetts Institute of Tushies.

  4. Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter says Iraq lacks will to fight Islamic State. Apparently, they were trained by Floyd Mayweather.

  5. Jaden Smith will reportedly play DC Comics ‘Static Shock.’ And offscreen he can’t keep his dress from getting static cling.

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