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  1. A restaurant in China’s Jinan City offers discounts to women in short skirts. The shorter the skirt, the bigger the discount; with 14 inches above the knee getting a whopping 90% off. There’s only one rule: ”No Bruce Jenner!”

  2. This guy Jesus must be extraordinary. He remembers the name of every person ever alive. Larry King can’t remember the name of even one of his seven ex wives.

  3. Fast food chains KFC & Macdonalds are bringing back Colonel Saunders and The Hamburglar for their ads. Taco Bell says they can’t bring back their Chihuahua as he was sold to South Korean interests.

  4. Japanese airbag maker Takata has recalled over 34 million cars in North America due to malfunctioning airbags. Tom Brady says that he knows how to fix them if they are over inflating.

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