What about Tom Cruise? — 9 Comments

  1. FBI Chief James Comey claims Poles caused much pain in the past. And he’s right. Before WD-40 many dancers suffered with rusty thighs.

  2. A nonhuman rights group is asking the New York Supreme Court to grant “Legal Personhood” for two chimps held in captivity so they can be returned to a natural habitat. Lawyers argue why not, it worked in New Jersey for Snooki.

  3. Danica Patrick just broke the NASCAR record for most top ten finishes by a woman. Actually, the only other woman ever to finish more times on top is Madonna.

  4. Philadelphia eatery created a pretzel with Tim Tebow’s iconic “Tebowing” pose. Unlike Tebow’s throws, you can put some mustard on it.

  5. Queen Elizabeth II just celebrated her 89th birthday today. It’s all part of her grand plan to live forever. Or at least outlive Charles and Camilla. ‪#‎GodsavetheQueen‬

  6. Jon Stewart announced that his final episode of “The Daily Show” will be August 6. Wonder how many prospective Presidential candidates have now decided to announce they are running on August 7

  7. Study found marijuana smokers more prone to false memories. Willie Nelson remembers a time when he didn’t smoke weed.

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