Clinton liked the dress when he first spotted it. — 11 Comments

  1. A gray whale travelled 14,000 miles, setting a migration record. The whale only intended to travel 100 miles, but was using Apple Maps.

  2. I used to be a teacher. But then I started losing the kids on field trips. Pretty soon their parents began noticing. What could I say? “Chicago is a big place, and we went to three different museums…”

  3. Ahh, life is ironic. In 1976 when Bruce Jenner won gold in Olympic Decathlon one of the events was the broad jump. Now he is a broad.

  4. “Ex Machina,” movie about a girl robot who falls in love with a human boy. She finally dumps him ‘cause he constantly leaves the lid up on her recharging station.

  5. The Oregon Environmental Quality Commission approved the use of recycled sewage water to brew beer. It’s not available to the public yet, but will be free at Wrigley Field, the stadium that gave Oregon the idea.

  6. Frederick’s of Hollywood is closing all stores. They’re not going out of business, just working full time for Bruce Jenner.

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