This $20 would be change! — 15 Comments

  1. Marvel has released teaser of upcoming superhero movie ‘Ant-Man.’ Personally, I’m looking forward to ‘Aunt-Man’ starring Bruce Jenner.

  2. Two-year-old boy fell in cheetah exhibit at Cleveland zoo before being pulled to safety. That could have been a CATastrophe. Fortunately, he was able to cheetah death.

  3. A black bear was captured in a New Jersey suburb. Police were suspicious of a black bear in a white neighborhood.

  4. What’s in a name? Irony. I just did my damned taxes on Tax Slayer, and noticed that they have a new product. It’s called (hugely in appropriately) “Will Slayer.”

  5. Hillary Clinton wants to become the first woman president. Her first executive order will be to make leaving the toilet seat up a capital offense.

  6. A Manhattan woman was arrested for being married to eight men at the same time. It took authorities over ten years to catch on, even though she called each husband “Nick.” Proving the old adage, no one really cares about the New York Nicks.

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