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  1. Here’s proof that you don’t have to know anything about college basketball to win a bracket challenge. I asked the runaway leader of our local challenge these questions.

    Who is Duke university named for?
    John Wayne

    What did UCLA’s Lew Alcindor change his name to?
    Bill Walton

    What was Kareem Abdul Jabbar’s birth name?
    Cassius Clay, no? What about Metta World Peace?

    What is Chris Webber of Michigan’s Fab Five most remembered for?
    He invented the gas BBQ.

    Who is John Wooden?
    The guy that owns the ships that Crosby, Stills & Nash wrote a song about.

    What can you tell me about Vinny Del Negro?
    Nothing, I never buy Italian wine.

  2. The Duke basketball team couldn’t shop at some stores during Final Four week in Indianapolis. The store owners said it was against their religion to serve a Devil.

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