It should start on 4-20. — 8 Comments

  1. An escaped pig blocked the drive thru of a Pennsylvania Burger King. Update: Pennsylvania Burger King adds pulled pork sandwich to menu.

  2. A ‘Price is Right’ model accidentally revealed the correct answer to win a new car. As punishment, she will be spayed.

  3. There is talk Monica Lewinsky could be hired on as a co-host for “The View.” She is so desperate for the job she got down on both knees.

  4. Selfie Sticks banned at the Coachella and Lollapalooza music festivals. I’m not worried. I’ll just use my roach clip.

  5. Do you wonder why Prince William wants to fly an air ambulance? Can’t help himself. He was born to look down on the little people.

  6. I married a former Play Boy Bunny. She talked back to me, however, and I finally got fed-up with her hare-lip.

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