Push ’em up, push ’em up…Way UP! — 10 Comments

  1. Last night millions around the world turned off their lights for an hour to celebrate the planet. Except in Indiana where they stayed in the dark.

  2. A man was rushed to the hospital after his penis snapped during sex. Ironically, thus occurred during Spring Break.

  3. Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed a bill that allows discrimination based on religious belief. Which means the Amish can refuse service to anyone wearing zippers.

  4. Citing the need for a “moral rebirth,” an Arizona state senator wants a law requiring everyone go to church. Of course there will be a tourist exemption. Arizona says they should, Go To Hell!

  5. Willie Nelson, 81-years-high, will open his own chain of pot stores called “Willie’s Reserve.” And to kick it off, Willie will debut his new single, “On the Couch Again.”

  6. To mark Earth Hour, a warning about the dangers of climate change, the French turned out the lights in the Eiffel Tower. Just to be safe they also surrendered the Arc de Triomphe to Angela Merkel.

    • Will, Is it true that France planted trees all around the Arc de Triomphe so French citizens could have a place to sit comfortably in the shade to watch when the German Panzer tanks roll through Paris?

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