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JERRY W says:

Ted Cruz has announced that he’s running for president, this action has convinced many other people to run, however those people are running for the border we share with Canada. By the way, Canada is where Ted allegedly was born and lived before immigrating to America. Ted’s father was himself a Canadian who had immigrated from Cuba, although Ted has yet to provide either a copy of his own birth certificate or any explanation of why he’s so anti-immigration.


A lot going on here. — 8 Comments

  1. This Easter in Seattle, the Pete Carroll family dinner table language (along with most Seahawks fans households) will change to Hand Me the turkey, Hand Me the potatoes, Hand Me the gravy, etc etc

  2. A South African woman’s jealous husband glued her vagina together because he was convinced that she was having an affair. Asked how this incident has affected her sex life, she replied that her lips are sealed.

  3. A woman in Alaska didn’t want her wedding dress around after her divorce, so she spent seven months completely trashing the dress. That’s a bit excessive — the more catty guests at her wedding trashed it in just five minutes.

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