Al Stewart says it’s the Year of the Cat. — 13 Comments

  1. Today is St. Patrick’s Day. The only day of the year white guys get away with saying, “That’s a fine jig.”

  2. Recent research suggests that dogs in the workplace can lower stress and increase productivity. Well, except if that workplace is the post office.

  3. A Paris boutique shop offers customers the ability to use 3D printing to make little copies of themselves. Or in the case of Tom Cruise–lifesize.

  4. The Butler Bulldogs mascot vomited on the court before their Big East quarterfinal game against Xavier at Madison Square Garden. Big deal–frequently at Madison Square Garden the Knicks mascot throws up DURING the game.

  5. One-third of Americans say Hillary Clinton email controversy is a serious problem. The other two-thirds are too busy reading their email to care.

  6. Dodge has halted Hellcat orders due to overwhelming demand. This marks the first time Dodge and overwhelming demand have appeared in the same sentence.

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