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  1. The next ‘Star Wars’ novel will introduce a lesbian character. My guess is she won’t be handling any lightsabers.

    • I don’t know Gary, it seems that maybe they’ve just decided to borrow an idea from Star Trek and boldly take Star Wars “Where no man has gone before”.

  2. Many scientists figure Earth began as one huge continent, then land masses slowly began moving apart. They call the big, early lump Pangaea. Do you get my continental drift?

  3. Things were going great with my new girlfriend, Pandora. That is, until we made love, and everything went to hell. Beware Pandora’s box.

  4. Dunkin’ Donuts has vowed to stop using titanium dioxide, a whitening agent that may be toxic, in its doughnuts. On the downside, cops will have to find something else to polish their stinkin’ badges with.

  5. In Utah, if lethal injection doesn’t work the death penalty is carried out by firing squad. In my house that’s called, a visit from both mother’s-in-law.

  6. Due to it’s popularity with binge-drinkers seeking carbs to counteract the hang-over, a popular chain is considering renaming itself “Drunk’in Donuts.”

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