Prince Charles rode her hard, though. — 9 Comments

  1. Fifteen tons of pot were found hidden in a mattress shipment in a record-breaking bust. Even worse, two mattresses had their tags illegally removed.

  2. A video on the internet claims to show a naked man at Buckingham Palace climbing down from a window using a bed sheet. No charges will be brought against Prince Harry.

  3. Veteran superhero actors Dean Cain and Helen Slater set to appear in new ‘Supergirl’ series. They will use their X-ray vision to discern the true colors of clothing.

  4. A company is selling zombie apocalypse kits for $1,499. People willing to spend that kind of money need not fear zombies–they have no brains.

  5. William Shatner unable to attend Leonard Nimoy’s funeral. It’s not that he doesn’t want to go. He’s just too fat to fit into the transporter.

  6. Rand Paul won the CPAC’s annual presidential straw poll. Twenty six percent said they’d vote for him in 2016. A whopping 74 percent said they’d vote for him if he changed his name to “Paul Rand.”

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