Get a life! — 14 Comments

  1. Federal government has designated $3.2M to save the monarch butterfly. Congressmen who voted for this program should be taken away in a butterfly net.

  2. A 14-year-old boy broke into Buckingham Palace one night recently and stole Queen Victoria’s underwear. My question is, “where was the nightie-watchman?”

  3. Things just continue to keep piling on Brian Williams since he admitted not being shot at in a helicopter in Iraq. Some people have doubts about all the stuff he claimed he saw in New Orleans after Katrina. And a few are skeptical that he was held up while selling Christmas trees in New Jersey in the ’70s. Even his sixth grade teacher says she’s beginning to wonder whether his dog really ate his math homework.

  4. An American Airlines flight from Dallas to Iowa was forced to land in Tulsa after the pilot smelled an unusual odor in the cockpit. The pilot first noticed it right after they started the in-flight movie: “Jupiter Ascending.”

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